The 2009-2010 Second Grade Class has a new Wiki. Click here to visit

This is a place for us to share, learn and grow! What is a wiki? Wiki (WICK-ee) or (Wookie) is a type of Web site that lets visitors easily add, remove, edit and change what is at the site. All the students in our class will be able to add content so they can show off what they know any time they want. They can do it any time they have access to a computer, either at school or at home. This is a new way of using computers for us, and our wiki can grow and change as our needs change. Please come with us on this exciting adventure! Click on a link to navigate to the pages of our Wiki.

Here is the link to the winter wonderland wiki --
This is where we are sharing our Penguin Glyphs.
Click here to download the Tux Paint program that we used in the lab today. It is free. You may also want to download the stamps as well. Have fun!

Here is a Voice Thread about Abe Lincoln by some friends in Memphis, TN.

Mrs. Harju